Kathryn Pentland-Bruck

Furrific Dog Grooming
Owner/operator/groomer extraordinaire

Did you know that aside from veterinarians/veterinary technicians the pet care industry in Canada is completely unregulated?

What does that mean? It means anyone can call themselves a pet groomer, kennel operator, pet sitter, dog walker, trainer,….regardless if they have any training/experience, or not. It means there is no oversight into what they do, or how they do it. There’s no requirement for them to have training/education, experience, insurance, inspections,…  Would you go to a hairdresser, mechanic, doctor (insert profession here) if they had no training/education, experience? Not likely. So why should your beloved furry (or possibly not so furry) family member?

I attended two accredited learning facilities for a period of 2 years where I was taught pet grooming by not one, but two Certified Master Groomers – one of which was a member of Groom Team Canada! The programs I completed and schools I attended are recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Furrific is a high-end dog grooming salon, not a production line. We’re also a Diamond Readers’ Choice Award winner for Best Pet Groomer! My mantra is quality over quantity. Services are provided by appointment only to ensure the proper individual attention is paid to each client.


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