Kathryn Pentland

Furrific Dog Grooming


Does your dog look, smell and feel Furrific? If not, Furrific Dog Grooming is here to assist with your dog grooming needs. Furrific offers 1-on-1 dog grooming where the mantras are, “quality over quantity” and, “humanity over vanity”. Furrific is here to assist you in keeping your dog as safe, happy, and healthy as possible. This said, it is a joint effort. Like doctors, hairstylist and estheticians are there to help people with their own health and personal grooming needs, Furrific is here to help pet parents in caring for their canine companions. This said, dogs are not people and getting groomed is not like getting a haircut; or getting your nails done. What we are able to do is largely dependent on the health/age of the dog; the condition of the dog’s fur and skin (when they come in); the dog’s temperament/willingness to participate with the grooming process; the frequency in which the dog comes in for grooming; and what, if any, canine grooming is being performed at home between grooming appointments. Thru mutual respect and co-operation Furrific will do what’s best and safest for the dog with the dog’s best interest and overall safety and comfort in mind. In order for dogs to come to Furrific they must be at least 4 months of age. In addition, they must be up-to-date, on the following 3 vaccines: 1) Rabies; 2) DAPP/DAHP; and 3) Leptospirosis. Proof of current vaccination, for the vaccinations referenced earlier, will be required prior to appointments being booked for new clients. For more information visit FurrificDogGrooming.com

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