How To Join

Here is your process for becoming a member!

Step 1: Confirm Your category is Open:

Even if you know your category is already filled, use this form to show your interest in joining NGBB. If a spot opens up in the future, we will contact you!

Limited Membership

To ensure the quality of our members, we only have one member per business category.

Even if your category is filled, send us an email to show your interest, and if the spot opens up we will notify you!

  • Confirm Catagory is Open

We allow only one member per business catagory. Use the form on this page to get things started!

  • Join us in our meetings

Our meetings are every Thursday morning except the last one of the month, at Grenville Mutual

  • Announce your intention to Join

After you have gotten a feel for how the group operates, you can let the executive, or announce to the group that you are intending on joining.

  • Submit Application

Submit an Application to our membership coordinator: D’von Wallace.

  • Reference Check and Voting

After checking your business references, the membership will discuss and vote on your membership.