Scott Waldron

Gravitate Travel
Founder & Personal Travel Manager

At Gravitate Travel, we have two pleasures in life. The first is travel—it’s our first love. Ask us where we want to go next and our eyes light up. Ask us about where we’ve been and we can talk for hours—our travel experts have a combined 78 years in the industry and even more years seeing the world ourselves. If you’re a regular customer, welcome back. Did you find us for the first time? A hearty traveller’s welcome to you, too—and don’t think it’s an accident that we’re meeting. You’re right where you need to be. After all, you did Gravitate here. You see, equal to travelling the world is our second pleasure: designing the most memorable travel experiences for our clients. We love to astonish and delight. Over the years, we’ve built amazing relationships with the widest selection of quality hotels, tours, entertainment and exotic adventures, extending to almost every country across the globe. Where our network meets our personal travel expertise is where we shine even more brightly. Go ahead, ask us about a dream destination. Challenge us with the kind of travel experience that you’ve dismissed as impossible. Or impossible on your particular budget. We’ll not only show you how to make dream come true (sometimes there’s a budget-friendlier alternative for the kind of experience you want to have) and help you to think of ways of travelling and experiences that never crossed your mind. From a perfect weekend getaway in Montreal to that luxury all-inclusive Caribbean resort to your first European trip as a family, we’d love to help you plan something special. Along with our passion for travel, this deep knowledge is what keeps clients returning to see us trip after trip. They come to us with the ideas and we have the connections and advice to make your travel much more personalized than what you can find yourself just clicking around online. We not only get to know what you need for this trip, but when you join the Gravitate community, we get to know your style as a traveller—so we can think about you, too, when a great deal comes along. Did you know we have regularly gone to the trouble of finding out what a longtime customer’s favourite snack is and arranging for it to be waiting for them at the hotel? We delight in offering custom experiences, whether it’s your first trip or you’re a seasoned traveller looking to travel better.

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