Why It's Great to be an NGBB member

Code of Ethics

NGBB members all agree to a code of ethics. Great customer service, and doing business above board is what NGBB members value most.

Our Members are Active

As part of your membership, all NGBB members must contribute 3 hours to helping with NGBB events. This helps us grow together, and keep costs down.

Business Dispute Resolution

To instill confidence in the community, NGBB members have access to a conflict resolution program. This is third party mediation to ensure that should the need arise, customers and businesses are not left without a way to resolve issues.

We are Collaborators. Not Competitors

We are businesses that support one another, as well as other local businesses in our community. NGBB members have access to a network of businesses to help them grow to be the best for their customers.

Exclusive Membership

Only one person from each business category is allowed to join. Application for membership must be sponsored by an existing member.

We have fun!

Being in Business is not always the most fun. It can be lonely doing it all yourself, and without a way to relieve that stress, or pressure, it can impact your business in a negative way. We provide support for our members in fun and social ways.

Build a quality Referral Network… without Quotas!

Have access to a quality group of local business owners to network with. Once trust is earned, you will have access to a quality referral network.
You get what you put in, and members are encouraged to refer only based on merit, not referral quotas.

Ready To join?

See our process for joining, and start growing your business today!